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Advertising is “a message that attempts to persuade readers or listeners to buy a particular product, favour a particular organization, or agree with a particular idea.” This is a great way to boost sales and income of a product or a service. Almost all businesses and establishments have promoted and marketed themselves to the public. It is a great way to make oneself noticed, known and discovered. There are different ways on how to advertise. It comes in different forms such as newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasting, and television ad.

With the advent of the 21st century everything has changed. The different advances in technology had opened new doors for us to explore. One of the paths and doors it has delivered to us is the mode of communication as well as advertisement. Using the internet, online advertisement is now very common and one of the leading ways on how to promote a product or a service. There are different ways on how to utilize this advancement. Most of which are very affordable to a point that one does not have to pay anything.

It is advisable to start advertising as early as possible; one could even advertise even before the official launch of the product or service. This is the key in success. Let your market, the people know about you, your product and your service.

Let us get started on the first step in online advertising which is submitting your website.



Before anything else, one has to submit the website to different search engines. Submitting the website helps in faster build-up of traffic or visitors per site as well as gaining popularity towards your link. So how do I submit my website? There are certain sites that offer submission of websites to the different search engines one of which is This site and its company have dedicated their time in such activities. They offer assistance to the users to make it easier for them. Any site like this will be of great help.

There are certain questions that do rise with regards to submission of websites. One of which is “how often should I submit my website to search engines?” People think that websites are to be submitted often because they believe it increase their popularity, however this is a complete fallacy. Websites are only submitted as necessarily. I would only submit my website when there are big and major changes such as adding or deleting a page from the site. Keep in mind that, frequency does not equal the ranking of the site or its popularity on search engines.

If I want to submit my website I would have to know the type of search engine it uses. The type of search engine will help in submission of the website. There are two types of search engines: spider-based and human-based. Spider-based search engines in simple terms searches for you; there is no need to submit my website. In order to increase the chance of being found by the spider-based search engines the keywords should be placed strategically. Meanwhile, in a human-based search engines I need to submit my website as well as register it. It is advisable to submit your site first to human-based search engines then to spider-based search engines.

You now have an idea and importance of submitting websites. But where do you submit your site? You have to submit them to link directories. But what is this so-called link directory what does it have to do with submission of websites?

Link directory is also known as a web directory.  As the name implies it is simply defined as a directory to the World Wide Web. It is like the Yellow Pages or phone book. It is not just a collection or list of the links but it also “links” or connects to the site. It is also categorized accordingly. Do not mistake a link directory to a search engine. The search engine displays lists of sites according to keywords. In a link directory links are listed by categories and subcategories. Examples of categories are the “shopping directory” with a subcategory of “e-commerce” sites. Not all sites are included in a link directory. The owner of the link has the responsibility to submit their own links that are subject to review by the editors of the link directory.  Examples of link directories are Yahoo! Directory and Open Directory Project (ODP). ODP is really popular because of the wide range of categories, a lot of listings and it is free. ODP is also used by different search engines.

Let us discuss more about link directories. Not all directories are expensive; in fact there are free link directories available.

Pro Link Directory is a quality, excellent and worthy free link directories. The aim of this directory is to have a beneficial and resourceful means for everyone who is in search for services like finance, attorneys and a lot more. Also it helps businesses gain publicity and gives them a chance for advertisement. Generally this is one of the free link directories being offered. However, there are instances when a few companies and businesses want more such as a prime spot in advertising. Those who desire to have more than the ordinary offers have the option to pay for added services like more exposure and priority. Here one could submit a page, an article or an advertisement all of which will be scrutinized. Another good thing about Pro Link Directory is it is a family-oriented site where it assures us all of the links and materials they place on the site.

Other free link directories are, and

There are a lot of listings in directories. This is the way on how they end up on these link directories. There is free link submission (this will be further discussed) where review and listing of the site are free of charge. There is also reciprocal link (which is also mentioned in this article) that would let two sites exchange links. There is also a no reciprocal link where one site would allow you to submit the link without anything in return. Paid submission is where a fee is needed to review and list the link. There is also the no follow where the link will not affect the sites ranking on search engines. Featured listing or sponsored listing is when links have “prime” spots such as homepages on other websites. There is also bid for position where sites will wager a certain amount to win a certain position. Last there are affiliate links in which a commission is earned by the directory for every refereed customer.

                  Let us focus on link submissions. Link submissions are submitted to the different link directories for review and listing. There is the so-called free link submission. This is quite popular because it is affordable and easy. One does not have to pay to get noticed.  Everyone likes free things in life and this offers just that. Good thing there are link directories that accept free link submission.

                  We shall mention a few link directories that accept free link submission. First on the list is Yahoo but it only accepts non-commercial sites. For this site, you should manually decide which subcategory to place your link or site. WWW Virtual Library has a wide range of categories and per category there are different requirements. Just like Yahoo one must place their link on the appropriate subcategory. There is also DMOZ in which the site must have a unique content in order to be accepted by the site and one must decide which category and subcategory to place such sites. Jayde link directory would need an email confirmation but unlike the three previous link directories there is no need to choose the appropriate category because they do it for you. Zeal link directory has the same idea as Jayde where one has to answer a questionnaire but is only for non-commercial listings. This link directory will categorized your site accordingly.

Going back to our topic on link directories, most link directories will cost a cent or two. It is hard for the beginning businessman to spend a whole lot of money on something unsure. Good thing there are free directory submission sites that could aid the beginning businessman. You do not need to spend a lot to get started.

                  Here are a few tips to land on link directory sites whether paid or on free directory submission sites. Remember the concept of quality over quantity. If you are to spend or invest on directory listings look for quality directory listings such as Yahoo,, and directory journal. Try to submit to all quality directory listings even those for local businesses. It is also a big deal to put a link directly towards you. Ever wondered about those sites with “AboutUs”? Well this is the purpose. Hopefully these tips could help you.

While searching for free directory submission sites, I have found this site: is a big help to all businessmen whether starting or already on top. This site provides the users with free search engines that one could submit to. Forget about those reciprocal links because these free search engines does not require any. These free directory submission sites could definitely help you and your site. It is simple to join, all one has to do is to sign up, give the necessary information and relax. Three simple and easy steps and presto you have already submitted your site to different free directory submission sites. One could also monitor the growth and movement of your site. Some of the users commented, "I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful service FOR FREE! I just submitted my site to all the directories with a page rank of 4 from your directory list and it only took me about 15 minutes. AMAZING. I am looking forward to seeing if this effects my ranking with the search engines! I'll definitely be telling my friends about your site. Thank you!" Another user stated, "Excellent site. Bunch of directories and some are accepting sites very fast. Thanks."

If you are interested in free directory submission sites that would be of great help try searching for articles that could give you suggestions. An article that I found and is of great help is entitled “Top 25 Article Directories and Free Content Sites Ranked by Alexa and PageRank” that was written by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson in May 8, 2007. In his article he shared that publishing of email newsletters are free because of two things. The first is this article directories earn revenue by placing ads. There is the so called Google AdSense Program that helps in advertising as well as earning and increase in traffic. Because of this success a lot of similar programs have been launched. The other reason for success is the effectively of such. It delivers great results. As mentioned there is increase traffic and an increase in the page rank on search engines. This will in turn of course deliver more backlinks (which we shall also mention in this article). On his written article, he listed 25 article directory sites that are ranked based on Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic rank.
To summarize this first part of our article regarding submission of your website: we have to submit the link of the website to different link directories that could either be paid or free.

Submitting your website to specific directories is just the beginning. We now move on to how to market your website.



You now have a site that is ready for everyone to see, read, listen and view. You now need readers. In order for them to read your site it must be catchy, unique, an eye catcher and has enough promotional ads. Remember what you are now doing is a sale; you are offering a product or service. The site is a medium in which you are announcing your product and service.

The first lesson on how to market your website is analysis. Take a good look at the website, is it an effective advertisement? Are the people encouraged to buy or just walk away? Analysis is the basic foundation of any advertisement whether it is in print or online. As one analyse the site they could make necessary adjustments to improve its visibility, promotional ad and page visits.

After analysing your site the next step on how to market your website is to make an action. Do the necessary steps on how to increase visibility and traffic. Increasing visibility would lead to increase in traffic. It is not enough that one has enough traffic. These people must be able to buy thus making you earn.

                  There are tons of different ways on marketing your website which shall be discussed here.



There are different ways on marketing your website. There is link building, being found on search engines, paid advertisements and other promotional activities, advertise website for free online, link post, add link exchange, social media and networking, videos, music and images, and free add posting sites. All these and more shall be discussed further in this article.

1.  Link Building

Link building is a process where one generates inbound links to a website. This is one way to make your site known to people. Think of link building as getting “referrals” and more exposure and popularity. There are different ways to do such: reciprocal links, listed in articles, newsletters, directories, search engines and a lot more.

 Why do people engage in link building? Well, the answer is simple; there is increase in traffic, most of which are useful and beneficial and boost sales. Aside from higher income there is also the increase in value of the site. It shows that the site is a reliable and credible source of information. It also generates more exposure on search engines as well as an increase in awareness of your site. To quote, "in general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages." With all these reasons, it is no wonder why link building has been an important factor in a site.

 Because of the popularity of link building there are companies who do the job for you. It is important to stress out that link building is a process thus it does take time. There are different ways on how to build up a link. It could be done using some cash or some prefer to have free link building.

                  Free link building has now been a popular choice of building a site because of its affordability and overall effect on the site. Although free link building, just like any other methods of link building is quite a hard and tedious process that will need some time. Time is an important factor. It is not an overnight process to create a great site. It does need man power, brains, and other sources. There are times in which it may be frustrating. One must have enough determination and patience to build their site.

                  There are a few tips in link building. Take time to think on your content. Make it as creative, informative and appealing to people. If your site is interesting then naturally more people would love to read such. Make sure to have enough exposures and links. One could opt to have their sites submitted to directories, other sites and press releases. This will give your site more exposure and more people would read and visit your site. Have enough good and positive reviews. Of course good and positive reviews are of great help in order to engage and captivate readers.

                  For more in depth knowledge on ways on how to do free link building one must continue reading since these (reciprocal links, listed in articles, newsletters, directories, and search engines) are better discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

2.  Search Engines

There are different search engines such as,, and These mentioned search engines act like an index to every other site. If the person is in search of anything, they could just type in the keywords and presto, a thousand sites shall be listed. Increase the chances of being searched on search engines by using certain keywords several times on the page as well as on the Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. This is one of the best and proven ways on how to increase traffic. So what are you waiting for? Start optimizing your site in order to increase visibility and traffic.

So how does one end up on top of these search engines? The answer is backlinks.

A terminology that perhaps every marketing expert as well as online businessmen should know is backlinks. Backlinks are more commonly known as incoming links, inbound links and inward links. Simply defined, a back link is a link from a website connected to another source. These are used as medium for web navigation as well as for search engine optimization or SEO. SEO uses backlinks a ranking tool for the different webpages. The more backlinks a site has the higher its rank on search engines. It also helps in the ranking of popularity of sites with similar topics. Backlinks has different types. There is reciprocal linking (or add link exchange which shall be mentioned and discussed later), webring or when three or more sites are linked to each other, there is automatic linking, and link exchange forums. This is beneficial to anyone who was a website, especially those who have online businesses, products and services. These actually help in the promotion of their goods.

One could opt to buy these links. But there are certain things one should remember in buying links. The first and perhaps the most important of all are buying only quality links. Do not be tempted by those who offer cheap backlinks for these maybe a fraud or offer you a lower quality and produce poor results. If you are to buy, purchase .edu links, inlinks and the surest way that you would not be fooled is by buying from local journalists. Take time to read reviews about those offering links. Some of which you could read are sponsored reviewed, reviewme or pay per post.

Because of these backlinks a lot have been available in the market most of which offers cheap backlinks. It does sound tempting to invest in these kinds of things for promotional purposes. However these are usually bogus ads that will mislead a person. Bad backlinks are attracting people who are either lazy enough to build their own backlinks or just want an easy way out. Cheap backlinks usually fail and becomes ironically expensive. There are hindrances in these sorts of backlinks because after a day or two the links are gone or have been forgotten. These cheap backlinks could actually hinder the goal of increasing traffic.

However it does not mean that cheap backlinks are something to forget about. It just means that one has to be a little bit observant with such. Instead of biting into the bate of cheap backlinks look for cost-efficient backlinks. These cost-efficient backlinks, although they are a bit more expensive at least one is guaranteed it will get the work done. Take time to read in a little bit and consider the pros and cons. After all there is never a one way to the top. Remember quality over quantity.

3.  Paid Advertisement

Another way to increase visibility and traffic is by paid advertisement and promotional ads. It would cost the person some money but they do get the promotional ads they need to let people know about their products and services. Try promoting on certain sites such as, and other newsgroups that provide users a chance to write articles for free. One could write about their product and services and provide a link directly toward their site. This is a very good way in promotional ads and increasing amount of traffic to a site since there are a lot of ezine readers. One could be able to advertise their site, product and service for as low as $10 and not more than $100. It is very affordable. One could also find affiliate programs in which they would promote your site but will get a certain commission on the sales they have made. Think of it as an extra investment in which you have to spend a little to earn and increase traffic. This offers a great leverage.

Aside from ezine, you could also try Buzzle, GoArticles, Article Dashboard,, and Infobarrel.

4.  Free Advertisement

For those who could not afford to spend and spare a few dollars there are other means such as advertise website for free online. Advertise website for free online is a good way to promote and make the market familiar with the service or product. It is as good as those paid advertisements less the cost.

Here are tips on how to advertise website for free online.

It is advisable to place the websites URL or address on everything, email signatures, letterheads, business card and so on. Shout and tell the world who you are and what you are offering. You never know where and how you could meet your potential clients.

One could also use online directories like Yahoo! and Yellow Pages and other speciality listing, associations and organizations to promote the site (search engines and link directories have been explained in detail earlier). This is one sure way of being found by possible clients. A lot of people to trust these kinds of pages so having to advertise website for free online using this method is a great plus factor.

There is also email marketing in which one could send announcements and other promotional materials to the list of emails. This is very cost effective and quite easy to do. You could also ask friends to give you good positive feedback or mention you and your site (that includes the product and service) to different forums they would be joining.

It is always nice to include the press and media in promotion of a website. The press and media are our friends when it comes to promotion. Everyone loves and listens to the news and some even turn towards the media just to get the latest and unique finds. There are different web news could be used in order to endorse a product or service. Make sure that what you give the media is news-worthy and not a waste of time. Make it sound interesting and something that people would like to know. Be creative in writing the news but do not exaggerate.

Another thing you could do, especially if you have a good appeal to people is simply ask them to link you in. Ask them to add your link to their pages. It is affordable and easy. Perhaps the best way is by “viral marketing” or word of mouth. If people find your site interesting they tell their friends and their friends will tell other friends and so on. There is an exponential increase via this method. And the best part, it would not cost a thing because people are doing the marketing for you. You just have to ensure that you do not bring down their expectations. And I quote “There’s no advertising like personal recommendations made between friends and family. The best way to encourage this type of “viral marketing” is to provide excellent customer service. Take the time to properly train and motivate your sales people and do what is necessary to satisfy your customers’ needs.”

Another effective way in online advertising for free is blogs. “Blogs are hot-beds of link activity. If you have a blog and are prepared to link out, great things can happen!” Ask friends or your own blog to promote your website. One could even have these blogs submitted to blog directories for a higher chance of being searched. Do not be selfish and add links of others on your blog so they could do the same (just like the concept of reciprocal links). A few of the well-loved blogs are Blogspot, WordPress and typepad. There are also different online communities which one could use to advertise to possible clients. Blogs used in advertising usually uses link posts which brings us to our next method of marketing a website.

5.  Link Post

Link posts are simply those words or phrases that are actually linked and directed towards another site. The site being directed to is usually similar or gives additional information. The best part of it is very affordable; in fact there is free link post anywhere. But be careful in creating link post that you do not overdo it. Readers who see a page full of links will think that the person is lazy, this was a waste of time and a spam technique. Link posts are actually easy to do and require an HTML tag.

To link a post, the word or phrase to be linked is enclosed with certain codes. <a href=”site name”> at the beginning of the word or phrase and </a> at the end. This will direct the word or phrases to that certain site. For example < a href=>Yahoo</a> shall link the word Yahoo and upon clicking the word the page will be directed towards

Creating a free link post is easy but there are a lot of rules and things to remember. It is a challenge to make a free link post interesting and worthwhile to read. When creating link post keep in mind that only link those that are worthy to read. It is frustrating to find out that the link I clicked is full of junk and useless. Another thing to remember is link unique sites. Readers do not want to click the same link found in several sites over and over again. This brings us to our next tip is do not bombard your readers to a single author or site. Give your readers diversity. Try looking for quality sites that have been rarely read, newly rising or those that are undervalued. Do not just simply give the readers the link; try giving a preview of what they are to read. Do not overload your article with link post.

The question is when should free link post be given. It should be given when it adds interest to your readers. It is also given to build reliability to you especially if you are to claim that something works. It is also used to build camaraderie between people and bloggers. And of course, it is used to build rank on search engines.

6.  Link Exchange

Another way on how to market your website is via link exchange or reciprocal linking. Add link exchange to simply increase traffic visiting a particular site. Using reciprocal links and reciprocal banner ads, two people or company shall promote each other’s’ link. Add link exchange is helping someone else at the same time helping yourself. The more people you “trade” with the more chances of getting exposed. This is because there is an increase in linkages towards your site. Did you know by having more links towards your site will increase the chances of being shown on top of the list of search engines? Add link exchange is an effective great way of getting more traffic as well as popularity. An example of a reciprocal banner ad is Or you could try to add link exchange; this site offers a free or premium membership and is very useful.

7.  Social Media and Networking Sites

Another way on how to market your website is by the social media. Yes, Advertising has indeed invaded different social media and networking sites such as facebook and multiply. These social sites are loved by all; in fact almost everyone uses such. This has been a great avenue on promoting and endorsing a product or service. Just look at all those ads popping up every now and then. It is a direct way to sell and capture your consumers.

Do not limit yourself on facebook and multiply, try Bebo and MySpace. The more you have the more chances of exposure. There is also LinkedIn, Squidoo and hubpages that you could try. Join different forums like Yahoo answers and LinkedIn answers. Answer questions from these sites then link those answers towards your site.

Use modern technology and the “in” thing to get to people.

Videos, Music and Images

As mentioned, use modern technology. Create that catchy jingle, ask children to sing, create a funny video, a hilarious commercial or a captivating picture that depicts your business, product or service. Then post it online or submit the videos to sites like YouTube. People would remember these kinds of stuffs especially if it really unique. One could simply tag in people so that more people would be able to see it and there is a faster spread of the news.

8.  Ad Posting Sites

Another option for you on how to market your website is ad posting sites. Ad posting sites are a collection of advertisements of different merchandises where in people or consumers could check in and find what they need. It is like the classified ads of a newspaper. These ad posting sites could either be paid or free. But nonetheless free ad posting sites could also be used in advertising a business. Examples of free ad posting sites are, and There is even local free ad posting sites for a specific country. Free ad posting sites are one of the easiest ways on how to sell and find a product. A lot of people use it; there are thousands of users and visits each day for free ad posting sites. It is highly effective in promoting oneself. Each free ad posting sites offers a different and unique way on how you could increase your sales. There are link directories, banner placement, instant article postings, free advertising forum, simple fast message board and the classifieds.
Others Ways on How to do Online Advertising

There are other ways on how to promote yourself, some include creating templates and softwares with a link towards your site, and use free image hosting on your site. If you are a bit lucky with money why not sponsor a radio station, sports team, industry, conference and podcast then in turn they could recommend you to people. Also donating is a great way for people to know about you. Charities usually have webpages that they could link you up with them. One could go out of the online word and extend their advertising to local radio stations and news prints.

In addition to those tips and ways on online advertising we now move on to websites that offer advertising for free.



There are sites in which they offer to advertise website for free online. Such sites include but are not limited to:,,,,, and These sites offer advertisement and promotion of different websites. It could be classified according to location, services, jobs, housing, sales, automobiles, pets, health and beauty, travel and whole lot more. In addition to the ability to promote anything, it is free. It would not cost a single cent. It is fun, free and easy.

One site that I accidently discovered and I find helpful in the advertising business is ( This site is such a handy dandy tool in advertising because it offers a lot. There is a lot of interaction between members and a lot of viewers – both members and guest. There is also a referral program which means the more people that you refer the site to the more exposure you could have. There is the ability of comments and a forum for all the questions.

Doing such things does help the promotion of the site and increases traffic. One must choose which is the best method used in advertising their site.

So far we have learned the importance and different ways on marketing and advertising online that you may use to build your business. We have also offered you sites which could help you read more about this article or any part of the article.

Before we conclude this article here are a few reminders that could optimize and maximize your advertisements.



One of which marketers should note is spamming. Although we do want to advertise and make known our product and service it is wrong to spam. It is a big nuisance and does not attract customers and the market. Spamming is usually seen in emails. Most of the time once an email is received too often it is placed in a separate folder.

Keep on doing something to promote yourself. It is not an assurance that you have placed an ad online and have given enough email that promoting is over. Advertising is a continuous process. Do not think that what you do will have no effect on the course of the product and service. No matter how small that is, it contributes to the blossoming of the product and service. It is frustrating at the beginning knowing that only a few visit the site or that income is low. But everything starts that way. One must have patience and determination. It does take time to make things grow and bear fruit.



 We have learned about submission of websites, link directories, marketing a website and online advertisement. We have also discussed the different ways on how to market a website which includes: link building, search engines, paid and free advertisements, link post, link exchange, social media and networking, videos, music and images, and add posting sites.

There are a lot of opportunities for advertisement. All one has to do is tap into these opportunities and utilize them to the full potential. There is both the printed, television ads and those available online the so-called e-marketing which are all great avenues and has their own pros and cons. The best part of e-marketing, it is on a global scale.

So the next time you are in need to advertise a product or service, think about everything that you have read. Blog RSS Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional