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Baton Rouge Roofing Company gives tips!

baton rouge roofing

Baton Rouge Roofing Company gives tips!

With Baton Rouge’s crazy weather, you can’t plan for everything. But you can protect your home and family by following these guidelines for hiring quality roofing:

Don’t DIY
Just don’t. Let’s skip right to hiring a contractor because it’s dangerous work and it requires expertise. There are plenty of high quality, affordable companies out there. Don’t risk your neck when the professionals get the job done in half the time, safely.

Chances are you know somebody who had similar work done recently. Recommendations are helpful with a job like roofing. You may get a positive recommendation, or at least learn pitfalls to avoid. Remember, your Baton Rouge friends and neighbors are dealing with the same weather you are!

High-quality contractors give a free estimate if you ask. When they do, be ready with questions about timing, costs, and warranties. Are they licensed and fully insured? Because high-quality companies are. Ask how they will protect landscaping, and what’s the plan if a thunderstorm swoops up from the south.

An estimate isn’t a contract. You’re not committed but neither are they. Get it in writing, sign on the line, and you’re on your way to a new, high-quality roof.

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